Friday, April 29, 2011

Beer Economics 1: Old Milwaukee

"America’s Best Tasting Beer"

I'm not sure if all pre-1950's beer tasted like this but I think they need to change their slogan to 

"America's Most Average Tasting Beer"

But if your strapped for cash and require a buzz after a long day at work, this beer will get you there without removing your stomach lining! The overall quality of Old Milwaukee is average to say the most, the flavor is nothing to brag about but it a nice flavorful light beer that somehow makes chicken fingers taste AMAZING!

I bought a 15 pack of OM for a party for 19 bucks here in Canada, and when I rolled up with with the red box with the pretty lady on it. It was greeted with half praise and a little bit of skepticism, of course the skeptics thought Stella-Artois was the best beer in the world... I don't hate this beer but I also don't prefer it, it has a "over-carbonated" feeling to it and is not good for chugging out of the can.

Overall: I poured it out into a wide mouth glass and sipped while eating my chicken tenders and actually enjoyed it. It wasn't too strong to over power the succulent chicken flavor and the wide mouth glass smoothed out the carbonation so I didn't feel gassy

Score: Flavor  5/10  Drunkenness: 10/15  Enjoyment: 6/10 
Final Score 7/15 - A Good Standby if your playing beer pong, you wont be sad if you spill some.


  1. Oh my Miwaukee! Good times have been had with this stuff lol!

  2. oh yes, id have to say youre right

  3. nice review, although im not a big beer drinker myself

  4. For a cheap beer OM isn't too shabby. Great review.