Monday, May 16, 2011

Beer Economics 4 - Pacific Pilsner

Pacific Pilsner is a beer for the great depression, it is cheap in every way. Their slogan is "Brewed with Natural Pure Spring Water" but it maybe if it was brewed with sea water it would taste better.

Company: Pacific Western Brewing Company

Quality: Very light and watered down. It has a really metallic After taste, maybe there is problem with the cans but without the aftertaste it is a very light tasting beer; it needs to be cold to get the best taste.

Why buy this?: No idea, it is favored among older gentlemen probably because of its price (about $1.20 a can). I haven't seen this in bottles but I would probably buy again just to try it to see if the weird aftertaste goes away. But overall I don't think hipsters touch this stuff.

Overall: I would avoid this if possible, there are other higher quality Economic beer to try than this. Unless you prefer your beer with ships!

Taste: 5/10
Drunkenness: 6/10 - I shotgunned two of these so it kicked in fast
Enjoyment: 4/10 - Didn't like, won't buy again.


  1. Eeek. Cheap beer is the worst. If I'm going for cheap beer I'll always choose PBR.

  2. seems pretty cheap and nasty =0

  3. I'll be sure to stay away from this.