Thursday, May 05, 2011

Beer Economics 3 - Labatt Wildcat

This is a Labatt cheap beer, It pours out a typical golden color with a very thin and quickly vanishing soapy head.

The aroma is a mix of musty dry corn with some slight sweet corn notes. At times the bitterness is accompanied with small sweet notes, but that could be my nose trying to find something that's not really there. The taste is all about the corn. Watery dry corn taste, again with some sweet notes.

If there was some sort of balance it would be okay, but it's like several different types of corn were thrown into a vat of dirty water. For such a light beer, it goes down pretty rough, too. A horrible budget beer. Moosehead's budget brands are a far better choice.

I kinda regret buying a 6 pack of this, I could of spent my 9 dollars on bottles of urine. It did get me buzzed pretty quickly though, it is 6% alcohol and is pretty much only good for one thing. Getting teenagers shit faced.

Taste: 3/10
Drunkenness: 5/10
Regret: 10/10 - I am not sure if this beer can be found in the states but I would avoid it if you can.


  1. "getting teenagers shit faced"

  2. Thanks for the review, insightful :D

  3. Never heard of it, but will definitely stay away

  4. You spelled cheap* wrong ;)

  5. Will definitely avoid, thanks!