Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Canadian Domestic - Molson Canadian

Molson Canadian is the epitome of Canadian domestic beers, even though I am Canadian but I have no bias for beers. Molson Canadian is delightfully average for all it's hype, it can almost be compared to Budwiser in the United States.

Molson Brewery was founded in 1768, it's flagship beer has almost been around for the same length. Funny enough in 2009 Molson Brewery bought the Montreal Canadians hockey team, so basically Molson Canadian is is intertwined in our country.

Overall the beer is classified as a pale lager, or in this case a "North American Lager" it is a sweet tasting beer with a really light and not too sharp carbonation, a sweet malty/corn taste and the after taste is pretty much the best part of the beer; the aftertaste is very floral and dry, overall it is a very refreshing beer.

The beer is the best domestic lager that you can buy, basically every Canadian who can't make up their mind for what beer they should get normally just grabs a case of Canadian!

Taste: 8.6/10
Drunkenness: 6/10 - It is not a very strong beer...
Enjoyment: 9/10 - Goes best with a Hamburger and Fries!